How to study for the next EmSAT Exam 2024

How to study for the next EmSAT Exam 2024

Last updated on December 22nd, 2023 at 10:03 pm

Prepare effectively for the EmSAT exam, the gateway to UAE universities. Learn how to study for the next EmSAT Exam with these 8 essential steps.

The EmSAT is a computer adaptive test conducted by Ministry of Education, UAE. This test assesses students’ readiness to the UAE’s universities and colleges to peruse their higher studies in the respective fields such as Engineering, Medicine, Law, etc. as the EmSAT test score is the first step to the admissions process.

Students who are currently in grade 12 (year 13) or who has graduated from the school are eligible to take the EmSAT achieve tests and students are supposed to take EmSAT Achieve advance track tests for college admissions.

8 Key Points to How to study for the next EmSAT Exam 2024

Here are the 8 key points which can help you to self-prepare for your upcoming EmSAT Exams

1. Purpose of taking the EmSAT Exams

EmSAT tests are mainly for the students who would like to pursue their higher educations in the UAE’s universities. Apart from admission process, EmSAT Test scores are also used for other purposes such as Equivalency certificates or scholarships.

There are three main reasons to take the EmSAT Tests

  1. To get equivalency certificate from Ministry of Education, UAE
  2. To get admissions to the UAE’s universities, and
  3. To get a scholarship    

The scores required for the EmSAT Subjects also varies based on the purpose of the tests.

For Equivalency certificates, you should get minimum 600 in EmSAT math and science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) subjects and at least 1100 in the EmSAT English. For the university purposes, most of the universities asks for a score of 900 in EmSAT math and EmSAT science subjects, and minimum of 1100 in EmSAT English. Although the required score may vary based on the university you apply and also based on the major you are selecting at the university.

For scholarships purpose, the required score is 1500 and above in math, English, and science subjects.

2. Decide Which Subject/s you would like to take

Ministry of Education offer different subjects for the EmSAT Achieve tests such as EmSAT Arabic, EmSAT English, EmSAT Math, EmSAT Physics, EmSAT Chemistry, EmSAT Biology, and EmSAT Computer science.

Depending on your requirements, you can plan for the subjects to take a test.

The good thing with EmSAT exam is you can register for any tests as per your requirements and also you can take up to 3 subjects of your choice on the same test date.

3. Decide when would you like to take the test

EmSAT exams are conducted multiple times in a year, usually 2 – 4 times per month. Also, you can attend the test multiple times with the gap of 30 days from the date you took the last test.

Click here to check EmSAT Exam Dates

Registering for the EmSAT exams is another challenging part as most of the students face a problem to find seats for the EmSAT exams as seats are limited and there are many students to take the tests. Usually, the Ministry opens the registration link at least 25 to 30 days before the exam. You will get a notification from the Ministry of Education on your registered mobile number and email to your register for the exam. In case, if you are not getting any update regarding registration, keep checking for booking the test at least 25-30 days before the exam date.

4. Start your Preparation  

Ministry of Education provided a detailed syllabus along with course content and sample questions on each subject. Download the test structure and collect the resources as per the syllabus. You can use your school textbooks, and online resources, and collect resources from your friends or seniors who has already taken the tests.    

Once the resources got ready, make a schedule based on how many days you got for the exam and start preparing for it.

As competitive exams work very differently than the school exams, so you must be very consistent with your studies and revise at least once In a week whatever you have studied for that week.

5. Take a right Scientific Calculator

Students are allowed to use calculators in the EmSAT exam. They can use onscreen calculator which is provided by the test makers or they can carry their own scientific calculators. It is highly advisable to carry your own calculators as you are comfortable to operate it.

The best calculators to use in the EmSAT exam are:

  1. Casio Fx-991Es Plus
  2. Casio Fx 991Es
  3. Casio Fx 991 Ex Classwiz

Casio Fx-991Es Plus

Casio 10+2 Digit Scientific Calculator, FX 991ES

Casio Fx 991 Ex Classwiz

You can purchase any one of these calculators and learn how to operate it as there are some questions which can be solved directly on calculators. You should be familiar to solve polynomials, system of equations, quadratic equations, Trigonometry, logarithms and some of derivatives and integration questions directly.

6. Take a complete MOCK Test

Once you are familiar with the course content and concepts, then you can plan for a practice test. Ministry of Education has provided sample tests to practice.

Follow the link below to access sample practice tests:

Once you are completed the test, take a note of topics and concepts which you feel to revise more.

After completing a proper revision, you can retake the MOCK test and revise the difficult concepts again. Repeat the same until you become master the question types.

Taking test multiple time also help you to get familiarize with test pattern and improves time management.

7. Get a Tutor

Sometimes you might not understand why some questions are right and why some questions are wrong, you might not think in the right approach to deal with such questions, in that case, best choice is to take help form the seniors or friends who has already got a good score in the EmSAT or hire a tutor who has experience in dealing with EmSAT exams complex questions.

Proper Choice Training Institute LLC, Dubai, provides complete preparation for the EmSAT exams. Our instructors got 10+ years of teaching experience and helped many aspirants to achieve their dreamed score. In fact, Proper Choice Training Institute is the only institute in the UAE which is preparing for the students since the year EmSAT exams got started (Since 2018).

We have prepared a course by deeply analyzing the topics provided by the Ministry of Education which helps our students to get a very good score in the EmSAT Exams.

8. Sleep well before the exam

Numerous studies have been proved that a student who sleep well before the exam preforms better as compare to the student who did not sleep well. If you give proper rest to your brain and body, you will able to recall most of the concepts studied and involve solving questions actively.

Remember, this is not a school exam that you memorize the rules and formulas and write it as it is, in fact, competitive exams require your deep understand of the subject and apply your subject knowledge and skills to solve.

It is very important to have a sound sleep before the test so that you can perform better in the test.


Preparing for the EmSAT exam demands careful planning, resource gathering, consistent practice, and seeking expert guidance when needed. Remember, a well-rested mind performs best. Follow these steps diligently to excel in this crucial assessment and pave your way to a successful higher education journey in the UAE.

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