About Us

About Proper Choice Training Institute

Proper Choice Training Institute believes Education is the visa to the future; it is owned by those who lay the groundwork today. Our plan of action is to impart quality training to the students to bridge the gap between what they learn in schools or colleges and what is actually required for international standardized tests. Our passionate instructors cater to students in groups and individually channeling them in the right direction by facilitating and coaching them in a range of exam preparation courses with unique methodology.

The fundamental purpose of Proper Choice is learning, not teaching. Here, you learn how to learn.

Srikant Rathod

Founder, Proper Choice Training Institute

What makes us different?

The institute has highly experienced well qualified and fully dedicated trainers who are committed to promoting excellence and perfection in training to enhance the success of each student. Our primary motto and aim are to strengthen the capabilities and proficiency of the students so that they can score better on their international level standardized tests.

We provide a congenial, intellectually stimulating and competitive environment that is suitable for shaping your aspirations into reality and paving your way to success.

Proper Choice Training Institute is one of the best exam preparation centers that provide quality training to students desiring to appear in standardized international exams such as SATSAT SubjectACTAPGMATGREIELTSTOEFL and Engineering Entrance Examinations (IIT-JEE).

At Proper Choice, we prioritize our students above all else. Our comprehensive classroom training and well-designed course material help students attain excellence in their exam preparation. Trainers at Proper Choice not only have expertise in their fields but also have an exceptional passion for teaching and training. Their indefatigable goal is to provide brilliant guidance in a concise and simple manner thus, allowing for a quick transfer of knowledge and polishing of students’ skills. They tirelessly work to ensure each student leaves feeling supremely satisfied after getting ample personalized care and attention. Our trainers work with individual students and groups to ensure the grasping of concepts furthermore, strategies of time management and quick decision making are also refined.

We aim to : polish, enhance and transform present skillests and abilities of our young adults into their optional versions, thus making then desired futures brighter and easily attainable.

Our Mission