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SAT Test Preparation In Dubai

The Scholastic Aptitude or Assessment Test, universally known as the SAT has remarkably been in use for virtually a century now! It’s a fundamental exam that assesses students’ skills and knowledge on the rudiments of English and Math taught during the course of their high schooling years. In conjunction with the ACT exam, SAT is tantamount to undergraduate program admissions into reputed colleges and universities

Keeping in mind the key requirements of SAT exam preparation, we offer a personally designed program of study with effective lesson plans that boost students ‘confidence for the examination. Our distinctive tips, tricks, and innovative study methods focus only on what is actually required to achieve the best score. Each student gets immense personal care with us; we ensure that your time is well utilized at Proper Choice. We believe that real learning takes place when the students are actively involved and our goal is to magnify the strengths of students and offset whatever weaknesses there may be to turn them into their strengths.

We use the latest SAT Test preparation techniques which help our students to understand every concept in detail and guarantee to ensure lasting success as students’ needs are our priorities.

SAT Course Plan

SAT Preparation in Dubai at Proper Choice begins with a DIAGNOSTIC TEST which evaluates student’s strengths and weaknesses; thus, it will allow us to work for a better score

SAT Test Structure

Verbal Section: Subdivided into a Reading Test and Writing & Language Test.

Reading Test: – Assesses students’ Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Reasoning skills. This section includes 5 reading passages on a range of topics such as Arts, Literature, History, Science, etc.

Writing & Language Test:- Assesses students’ revising and editing skills. It includes short passages with MCQs on identifying errors and improving English grammar and its usage.

All Questions from Reading and Writing and Language tests are Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)

Quantitative Mathematics:- Comprises questions on basic Arithmetic Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and Probability. This section tests the students’ ability to solve logical reasoning Mathematics questions and expects them to have a good grasp of the basics of

There are two types of Questions in Mathematics: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and students produce responses types (grids). The Verbal and Mathematics sections are scored separately in a range of 200-800 and a combined score of the two sections ranges from 400 – 1600.

The table below shows a detailed structure of the number of questions per section and timings

Test SectionsComponentsNumber of QuestionsTimings (Minutes)


Writing & Language












Overall  154 Questions 3 hours

SAT Course Session Plan

Session 1Introduction to SAT Verbal
Evidence-based Reading
Basics: Speed Reading Techniques. Annotations. Writing Methodology. Explicit/Implicit info
Introduction to SAT Verbal
Heart of Algebra
Working with expressions, Working Linear equations
Session 2Evidence-based Reading
Major Question Types. Using Graphs. Vocab: Prefixes Suffixes & Roots. Word choice & words in context.
Working with inequalities and absolute values, Working with Linear systems
Session 3Evidence-based Reading
Author’s purpose & perspective. Analyzing text pairs. Organization of writing.
Passport to Advanced Math
Understanding Function, Working with Quadratics and Polynomial
Session 4Evidence-based Reading
Analyzing the graphs of Quadratic functions, Working with Exponential, Radicals, and Rational Expression
Session 5Writing and Language / Grammar
Sentence Basics: Wordiness, Parallelism, Modifier Placement, Logical Comparisons, Coordination & Subordination,
Problem-solving and Data analysis
Working with Data, Working with Rates, Ratios, Percentages, and Proportions
Session 6Writing and Language / Grammar
Verb Use & Tense. Subject Verb Agreement. Diction (Proper wording).
Working with a table of data, Working with graphs of data
Session 7Writing and Language / Grammar
Punctuation: Commas, Semicolons, Colons, Dashes, Apostrophes. Quantitative Graph Analysis
Additional Topics in Math
Plane Geometry
Session 8Writing and Language / Grammar
Solid Geometry & Co-ordinate Geometry
Session 9Essay
Sample Prompt. Important Aspects Of Response. Paraphrasing. Analysis Skill Building. Writing Skill Building: Thesis, Progression, Variety, Precision.
Trigonometry & Complex Numbers
Session 10Essay
Writing Strategies. Putting it together. Active Reading. Practice Writing.
Revision of concepts
Session 11Revision and Practice TestPractice Test
Session 12Revision and Practice TestPractice Test

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