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Digital SAT Test Preparation In Dubai

Unlock Excellence with our Tailored SAT Preparation in Dubai! Join our SAT Classes for a personalized learning experience. Every student receives complimentary study materials, practice question papers, and access to MOCK Tests. Prepare confidently for the SAT exam with our expert guidance.

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Our SAT Preparation Features

Beginning March 2023, the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude or Assessment Test) will be delivered digitally, Students can take the digital SAT Test on various devices including their own laptops, iPads, desktop, school-owned desktops and laptops etc. The Digital SAT test will be conducted using a custom-built digital testing application that they’ll download in advance of test day.  

Students will connect to the test center’s or school’s internet to start and complete testing. The exam application has been built to withstand internet outages. If the internet connection drops during testing, students will still be able to progress through the test with no disruption. Even though the SAT test taking process transferred from paper based to digital, still many important features of the SAT Suite will stay the same as old paper based Test.

The digital SAT Suite will utilize a multistage adaptive testing (MST) methodology. Where, the questions are mixed of easy, medium, and hard.

The SAT has remarkably been in use for virtually a century now! It’s a fundamental exam that assesses students’ skills and knowledge on the rudiments of English and Math taught during the course of their high schooling years. In conjunction with the ACT exam, SAT is tantamount to undergraduate program admissions into reputed colleges and universities

Keeping in mind the key requirements of the SAT exam preparation, we offer a personally designed program of study with effective lesson plans that boost students ‘confidence for the examination. Our distinctive tips, tricks, and innovative study methods focus only on what is actually required to achieve the best score. Each student gets immense personal care with us; we ensure that your time is well utilized at Proper Choice. We believe that real learning takes place when the students are actively involved and our goal is to magnify the strengths of students and offset whatever weaknesses there may be to turn them into their strengths.

We use the latest SAT Test preparation techniques which help our students to understand every concept in detail and guarantee to ensure lasting success as students’ needs are our priorities.

SAT Test Preparation - 40 Hours

SAT Preparation in Dubai at Proper Choice begins with a DIAGNOSTIC TEST which evaluates student’s strengths and weaknesses; thus, it will allow us to work for a better score.

  • 24 hours Training (14 – hour math, 10 – hour English) focusing on the syllabus provided by College Board
  • 5 Computer based MOCK Tests (16 hours) and reviews which help students to understand Test pattern, question type and Time management and reviews which help students to understand Test pattern and variety of questions in detail.
  • Fully customized study plan to help students’ to transfer their weaknesses into strengths
  • Days and Timings – Flexible, as per the convenience of student and teacher.

Digital SAT Test Structure

Digital SAT is composed of two sections: Reading and Writing and Math.

Section1: Reading and Writing – 64 Minutes

The digital assessments have a single Reading and Writing section, each Reading and Writing module lasts 32 minutes.

The digital SAT Reading and Writing section will feature many shorter passages instead of a few long texts, meaning students will see a wider range of topics that represent the kinds of works they’ll read in college. At the same time, these shorter passages maintain the level of rigor of longer reading passages in terms of text complexity and grounding in academic disciplines.

A single (discrete) question is associated with each passage (or passage pair) instead of having several questions associated with a small number of long passages. Reading and writing passages focuses on four content domains such as Craft and structure, Information and Ideas, Standard English conventions, and Expression of Ideas.

Questions from Reading and Writing modules are Discrete; four-option multiple-choice

Section 2: Mathematics – 70 Minutes

The digital SAT math section has two modules, each Math module lasts 35 minutes. Each module is separately timed, and students can move backward and forward among questions in a given module before time runs out.

The Math section of the digital SAT Suite assessments is designed to measure students’ attainment of critical college and career readiness knowledge and skills in math. The digital SAT Suite Math section focuses on key elements of algebra, advanced math, problem solving and data analysis, and geometry and trigonometry

Questions from math modules are Discrete; four-option multiple – choice (≈75%) and student -produced response (SPR) (≈25%)

The table below shows a detailed structure of the number of questions per section and timings

Test Sections


Timings (Minutes)

Reading and Writing

1st module

 25 operational questions and 2 pretest questions

32 minutes

2nd module

25 operational questions and 2 pretest questions

32 minutes

Break – 10 Minutes


1st module

20 operational questions and 2 pretest questions

35 minutes


35 minutes

2nd module

 20 operational questions and 2 pretest questions


Reading and Writing – 54 Questions

Mathematics – 44 Questions

2 hours, 14 Minutes


Scoring Each of the digital SAT Suite assessments yields three scores: a total score and two section scores. Total score for the digital SAT ranges from 400 – 1600, in 10-point intervals and section score ranges from 200 – 800, in 10-point intervals

The total score is based on students’ performance on the entire assessment and is the arithmetic sum of the two section scores. Two section scores, one for Reading and Writing and the other for Math, are based on students’ performance on each section.

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Our Recent SAT Score

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