How to study for the next Digital SAT 2024

How to study for the next Digital SAT 2024

Studying for the digital SAT is an important step in preparing for college admissions. Here are 10 key points which can help you effectively study for your upcoming digital SAT.  

1. Ask a question yourself – Do I really need SAT Score?

Questioning yourself which helps you to find a right reason to study for the Digital SAT. Let me tell you the most important reason for taking the digital SAT test, as the SAT score is the first step in admission process to the world’s top universities and colleges. Having greater score in the Digital SAT Test will increase your change to get admitted to your dreamed universities.  

2. Set a GOAL

Numerous studies and anecdotal evidence support the idea that setting clear goals and planning effectively can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving desired targets and outcomes.

To achieve something in life, it requires a dedication, proper planning and hard work.

Being as a student, you should know that in which field you want to build your carrier and accordingly decide about the major subjects you want to study, also do research on top universities who offer the courses of your interest. Find detail about the program such as SAT Score requirement, course duration, when course starts etc., and plan your study accordingly.

It is advised to start you preparation as early as you could so that you can have a change to attend the test multiple times in case if you did not get your required score. Most of the students start taking the test at the beginning of grade 11 so that you can have a chance to retake the test if you are not able to get your required score.

3. Take a Diagnostic Test

It is very important to know about your required score to get admitted into the best university, so before starting preparation, take a diagnostic test to understand where you stand currently and which subject needs to be focused more. It is recommended to take College Board official digital SAT practice tests as a diagnostic to measure your level accurately.

Correct your diagnostic test referring to the answer explanation provided along with the test and analyze the question carefully which you got wrong and also make a note about the topic or concept that question belongs to.

This will help you to pinpoint the topics and concepts where you need to focus more

4. Master Content and Strategies

Digital SAT exam is designed to measure students’ attainment of critical college and career readiness knowledge and skills. Course content includes reasoning math and English. Common topics tested on math are Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics. Content tested on English are reading comprehension, rhetoric, and language usage.

To master the course content, dedicate certain amount of time to study regularly, If you are currently school student, you can pick Saturday and Sunday, 2-3 hours per day. First day study the topics in which you are weak and second day practice the questions on whatever you studied in the first day and review for it.

Study material plays important role in preparing for the exams, use college board official practice material as college board is the one who set up the test papers. Additionally, you can practice on khan academy to master your content. If you need any additional help, you can hire a tutor, or join SAT prep institutes or take help of your seniors who has already taken Digital SAT and attain a good score.

Proper Choice training institute, Dubai, provide Digital SAT test preparation and help students to achieve a great score with customized study plan.

5. Familiarize yourself with the Digital tools

As Digital SAT is a computer-based test, you must be familiar with operating digital devises such as laptops, iPads and computers and also how to use the digital tools such as Calculator, Highlighting, and flagging questions for review etc. Practicing on these tools well before the exam can help students to be confident while operating and also can help them to manage the test appropriately. 

6. Take a full-length Practice Test and reviews

Once you are familiar with the course content and the concepts, now it’s a time to take full length practice test and reviews. It is highly recommended to practice official tests provided by College Board. To help students to prepare the Digital SAT, College Board introduced Digital App called “Bluebook” that includes everything you need to prepare for the digital SAT. Follow the link below to download

Once you are completed the test, revise the questions which you got wrong and practice the content accordingly, repeat the same for multiple times till you become comfortable with the each and every concept and idea behind the questions that how test makers   

7. Practice Time Management

Time management is a key skill that students must master to succeed in competitive exams. Digital SAT Reading and Writing has two modules with 27 questions each and the time given is 30 minutes per module. There are 54 questions in total in the Reading and Writing section and total time allocated is 60 minutes. On an average 1 minute per question. Likewise Digital SAT Math has two modules with 22 questions per module and time allocated is 35 minutes per module. In total there are 44 Questions in digital SAT math and time allowed is 70 minutes. Average time is approximate 1 minute and 35 seconds per question. To get better score in the test students must attain skills, strategies and techniques to complete the test on time. College Board designs question in a way that if your approach to the question is correct, you can solve questions within a minute. To develop these skills, you should do timed practice test and reviews multiple time till you fit in the specified time limit.

8. Order the QAS report  

College Board allows students to order QAS (Question and Answer Services) if you are taking the test in March, May, and October. Order QAS copy and find out the questions and content behind it and work on them to improve. Ordering QAS will help you to recognize the area where you need to focus on to improve your score.

9. Get a Tutor

Sometimes you might not understand why some questions are right and why those are wrong, you might not think in the right approach to deal with such questions, in that case, best choice is hiring a tutor who has experience in dealing with the Digital SAT’s complex questions. Proper Choice Training Institute LLC Dubai, provides complete preparation for the digital SAT. Our instructors got 10+ years of experience in SAT Test preparation and helped many aspirants to achieve their dreamed score in the SAT.

If you cannot offer a tutor, discuss with your friends or seniors who has already take the SAT Exam and got a very good score. 

10. Sleep well before the day of exam

Many students do the common mistake as they try to study one of two days before the exam and they do not sleep properly. Remember, SAT is not a school exam, it is a skill based and reasoning test. You should be very active to perform better in such test for that you should sleep at least 6 hours before exam day as per your regular sleeping schedule. Also, pack your back properly with all needed resources such as pencils, Calculator, ID card etc.

Researches have been proved that a person who sleeps well, his/her break work very actively and you can perform better in the test. 

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  1. Thank you for generously sharing your expertise with us. Your article has been incredibly enlightening, offering valuable insights and recommendations that have significantly eased my journey preparations. I’ve been a dedicated follower of your blog for some time now, continually impressed by the depth and quality of your content. Your guidance has made a substantial difference in my USA study travel preparations, alleviating stress and uncertainty along the way. Your support and encouragement have been invaluable, and I’m truly grateful for the guidance you’ve provided.

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