How do I get high score in SAT? – SAT Exam FAQs [Expert Guidance]


Best Way to Prepare for SAT Exam?

SAT is a generalized test which focuses mainly on basics of Mathematics and English.
The best way to prepare for SAT is [ Complete Guide ]
1. Analyse in detail about SAT Test topics both in English and Math
2. Understand the test structure Thoroughly
3. Take an Assessment test to know where you stand and make a list of  your strengths and weaknesses  and work accordingly
4. Make use of best SAT Test material to  brush up basic concepts
5. Start practicing SAT Past papers which gives you clear idea about how test would be,  correct yourself, analyse your  mistakes and try to understand the concept behind it
6. Practice! Practice! Timed Practice and try to get fit in allocated time per section

How do I get high score in SAT?

Getting high score in SAT is not so difficult. With regular studies and consistent practice you can able achieve a very high score.

SAT Verbal part is mainly of Evidence based reading and writing in which certain passages will be given  and questions are asked based on these passages. To do well in SAT Verbal, you need to understand what SAT Verbal is and what skills it test.

For Quantitative Reasoning (Math) part, you must have basic knowledge of Mathematics in Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Statistics and basic Trigonometry as SAT does not test higher level of math but most of questions are word problems where you have to apply basic math concepts to solve

Is there any negative marking in SAT I?

As per New SAT (SAT I) Test structure no negative marking, this gives flexibility to students to select an appropriate option.

Are all SAT Questions Multiple choice?

All questions in Verbal (English) are multiple choice but in math questions are of both type Multiple Choice and Grid Ins(Problem Solving Questions).

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