How to Cancel SAT Test Registration

How To Cancel SAT Test Registration

Learn how to cancel SAT test registration, whether by phone, email or through your College Board account. Find out about deadlines, refund processes, and essential contact details.

Scholastic Aptitude Test which is commonly known as the SAT is an entrance test administered by College Board. The scores of the SAT Test are mainly used for college admission in the United States and other countries globally. In fact, SAT Score is the first step to the admission process.

As the SAT exams will be conducted multiple times in a year (usually 6 – 7 times) and there are over 2 billion students attend the test worldwide. After registering for the test, some time students might think to cancel or reschedule the test due school exams, lack of preparation, or they might not need the SAT Score for admissions.

These are the very common questions appear in students mind when it comes to cancel or postponed the test.

This article provides detailed information about how to cancel the Digital SAT Test, how many days before student can cancel the SAT Test, what are the cancellation charge and refund process etc. 

Can I cancel my SAT registration by phone or Email?

Preparing for the SAT is a journey of dedication and hard work, but sometime due to school exams, assignments, or projects students might not prepare well for the SAT test.  As the SAT Exam get closer, students feel less prepared and want to cancel or postponed it. Good thing is that college board has given flexibility to cancel or reschedule the test based on next available test dates.

Students can cancel the Digital SAT Test in three ways

Not showing up on the exam

According to the College Board, If the students did not appear for the test on the test date, it will only count as missed or cancelled the test. This is the easiest way to cancel, but in this case, students will not get any refund

By logging into your College Board account

As per college Board test policy, to cancel the test, all you need to do is log into your account and go to the SAT registration. There you can see an option either to cancel the test or reschedule it at different dates. Based on your priority you can either cancel or reschedule.

By phone call or Email     

Students can also cancel the test by sending an email to the college board or directly by calling them

The cancellation process should be initiated before the deadline provided by the college board.   

Contact Details to cancel the test by phone or email.

  • Domestic: 866-756-7346
  • International: 212-713-7789
  • Services for students with disabilities: 212-713-8333
  • TTY (for deaf or hearing impaired) Domestic: 888-857-247
  • Email address of Services for Students with Disabilities:

If you cancel your registration and later decide you do want to take the test on that date, you’ll need to register again.

What is the cancellation fee for SAT Registration?

If you cancel the SAT registration before the regular cancellation deadline then you will get full refund, but cancellation fee of $25 is applicable. If you cancel after the deadline then cancellation fee $35 is applicable 

How long does it take to receive a refund for a canceled SAT Registration?

If your cancellation process is initiated successfully, refunds are processed after 6 weeks from the test date.

How to cancel SAT Registration the day before the exam?

The easy way to cancel the SAT a day before the exam is to stay absent for the test. If you don’t attend the test, it will count as missed or canceled, but in this case, you will not get any refund. 


As there are different modes to cancel the SAT test and student can cancel it any anytime. If they cancel it before the deadline, they will receive a full refund but it will cost $25 as cancellation fee and if the cancel after the deadline and one day before the test, cancellation charges will be $35. In case, you did not attend the test, College Board treat it as missed or cancelled.

Students can reschedule the test instead of cancellation, rescheduling the test requires an additional charge of $29. 

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