is Calculator Allowed in EmSAT?

is Calculator Allowed in EmSAT Exam

Discover all about calculators in EmSAT exams! Get clarity on ‘Is Calculator Allowed In EmSAT’ with our guide. Learn about approved types, functions, and where to buy for a smooth exam experience.

Emirates Standardized Test which is commonly known as the EmSAT is a computer adaptive test organized by the Ministry of Education (MoE), UAE. The EmSAT test assesses student’s academic skills and knowledge in various subjects and the score of the EmSAT Test is mainly used for admissions to the UAE’s universities and colleges.

The difficulty level of the questions varies based on student’s performance. EmSAT test is taken by the students who are currently in grade 12 or graduated from the school.

This article provides a complete detailed guideline about the type of calculator to be used in the EmSAT exams.  

Calculators are a very crucial part of any competitive exams which allows students flexibility to solve complex expressions and equations in a short span of time.

Listed below are commonly asked questions by many students regarding the EmSAT exam.

Is a Calculator allowed in the EmSAT?

Yes, like other competitive exams such as SAT, ACT, AP, etc. the EmSAT also allows students to use calculators in the exam. In fact, students got the flexibility to use their own scientific calculators or onscreen electronic calculators which is provided by the test makers along with the test. 

What types of calculators are allowed?

Test makers have not specified about the type of calculators to carry to the test. You can carry any scientific or graphing calculator which has an option to perform complex math operations.

There are many calculators available in the market, out of which the three best calculators which students can use for the EmSAT exam are:

  1. Casio Fx-991Es Plus
  2. Casio Fx 991Es
  3. Casio Fx 991 Ex Classwiz

Casio Fx-991Es Plus

Casio 10+2 Digit Scientific Calculator, FX 991ES

Casio Fx 991 Ex Classwiz

Students can buy any one of these calculators; all have almost the same functions but only their editions is different. If you already got any other scientific or graphing calculator apart from these, make sure that it matches the test specification needed for the EmSAT exam.

What are the specifications we can look before buying the calculator?

The purpose of a calculator is to reduce your calculation effort in the exam. Most of the scientific calculators provided by CASIO or any other company are similar but, some of the functions may not included in all types of calculators. Before buying a calculator make sure that it has an option to perform basic math operations along with solving polynomials, quadratic and cubic equations, a system of equations, Trigonometry, logarithms and exponents, complex numbers, matrix, derivatives, and Integration.

Make sure that the calculator you have got has ability to solve all the topics listed above because these are the topics which are commonly tested in the EmSAT Exam.

Where can we buy the calculators?

These calculators are available in almost every stationary shop near you. You can buy it from any stationery or you can buy it online from Amazon, noon, or any other online platform. The price of calculators which are listed above is approximately somewhere between AED 60 to AED 100.


Students are allowed to use a scientific calculator in the EmSAT test. They have an option either to carry their own calculator or use onscreen electronic calculator provided along with the test. The three best calculators for the EmSAT exams are Casio fx 991 ex classwiz, Casio fx 991 es plus, and Casio fx 991 es and the cost of those ranges between AED 60 to AED 100.

Students can buy any of these calculators either from the nearest stationary or online and learn to operate and solve complex math expressions and equations directly.

For more information on the EmSAT test, you can get back to us.

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