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Importance of the EmSAT Test

The EmSAT is a computer adaptive test which is used to assess students’ subject knowledge and skills in Arabic, English, Math, and Physics along with Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science.

EmSAT test is mandatory for all the students who are planning to pursue their higher education in the UAE Universities or colleges (Government or private) no matter their schooling has been done in the UAE or Outside the UAE.

There are three main reasons to take EmSAT Test

  1. Requirements by the Universities or colleges
  2. Certificate equivalency
  3. Job/Promotions or National service graduates wishing to enroll in universities for higher studies

Requirements by the university or colleges

Most of the Universities or colleges in the UAE registers student through the EmSAT Exam. This test helps education provider to assess whether a student enrolling for a particular course has prior subject knowledge or not.

Which all the subject student has to appear for the EmSAT test depends on the university you are plying and also on what major you choose at the university. For example, if a student is enrolling for Medical then he/she must take EmSAT Math and EmSAT English (or IELTS Academic or TOEFL) along with any two science subjects from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Some universities do expect students to take the EmSAT Arabic test as well.

For the students who are currently in grade 12(or year 13) or completed their schooling and planning to pursue higher education in the UAE, then it’s better to contact to the targeted universities or colleges and mention about what major courses you are looking at the university then the university will guide you to appear for the particular EmSAT Subjects. Its better to approach to the universities or colleges and then register for the EmSAT Tests accordingly as the different university has their own requirements. 

Certificate Equivalency

If a student studied in the UAE up to grade 12(or year 13 or equivalent) and planning for higher education then he/she needs to get an equivalency certificate issued by the ministry of education as most of the universities in the UAE or outside the UAE asks students to present it during the time of admission

If a student studied the British curriculum, Australia Curriculum, Indian and Pakistani curriculum, etc. can get an equivalency certificate by submitting their grade and 12th or year 13 school certificate.

If a student studied American Curriculum and looking for an equivalency certificate then he/she needs to take the EmSAT English and EmSAT Math or similar subjects as follows

  • A student must get a minimum score of 1100 and above in EmSAT English or 5.0 in IELTS Academic or 61 in TOEFL IBT.
  • A student must get a minimum score of 500 and above in EmSAT Math or 450 in SAT 1 Math(SAT 1 is offer by College Board)  

Once you get the required score, then you can apply for the equivalency certificate.

For more details click on the link

Job/Promotions or National service graduates wishing to enroll in universities

If you are in the UAE and looking for jobs in the government sector then you need to take the EmSAT test and get the required score for the position you are applying (Which subject has to take will be informed during the application of the job). The EmSAT test score also helps you to get promotions on the existing job.  

If you are a student of national service graduate and looking for higher education that can be done by the EmSAT Test. If you get a required score in the EmSAT test as per the national service requirements then your service duration can be reduced so that you can start your higher education. 

If you are looking for the EmSAT Test preparation, Proper Choice training institute LLC can help you to achieve the required score in EmSAT English, EmSAT Math, EmSAT Physics, EmSAT Chemistry, EmSAT Biology, EmSAT Computer Science and EmSAT Arabic.

At Proper Choice Training Institute, we prepare students to understand the basic concepts and fundamentals, tips, and Tricks so that they are ready to solve any questions

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  • EmSAT Instructor
  • Proper Choice Training Institute

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