Avoid These Mistakes to Pass The EmSAT Exam

Avoid These Mistakes to Pass The EmSAT Exam 2022

Last updated on May 14th, 2023 at 09:08 pm

The EmSAT (Emirates Standardized Test) test score is one of the most important factors along with your school grades that all the universities/colleges in the UAE is looking for. Without the EmSAT Test score, you cannot take admission in the UAE’s universities/colleges whether it is a government or private. The purpose of making the EmSAT test mandatory is to assure that the students have sufficient subject knowledge to understand the advanced courses provided in the universities/colleges for higher degree programs.

According to MOE – UAE, every student studying under the Ministry of education curriculum needs to take the EmSAT to achieve English, EmSAT Math, EmSAT Physics, and EmSAT Arabic as mandatory tests to issue the grade 12 equivalent certificate. 

Most of the students fails to achieve the EmSAT Test scores due to lack of subject knowledge or improper usage of resources provided, due to this reason some of the students takes 6 months or a year gap just to achieve the EmSAT Test score in respective subjects requested by universities or colleges in the UAE.

There are some common mistakes that most students does knowingly or unknowingly and due to these mistakes, they are not able to achieve the EmSAT Scores requested by the universities.  

I Mr. Srikant Rathod, EmSAT Instructor at the Proper Choice Training Institute is going to share how to avoid these common mistakes and ace the EmSAT Test in the first attempt.

Miss use/No use of reference formulas provided in the exam

For the subjects like EmSAT Math, EmSAT Physics, EmSAT Chemistry reference formulas are provided in the exam.

Some students do not know about this and some others do not know how to use the formulas. AS the EmSAT Test is a computer-based exam so formulas are not provided as a hard, instead it is available on the computer screen and it can be used by clicking on the icon ‘Reference Library ‘on your computer screen and use it according to the demand of the question. Sometimes, you cannot use the formulas directly as you have to simplify the given situation and bring it to the form where the formulas can be applied and solve.

With my personal experience, I found that many students have difficulties while using the formulas provided. One of the reason for this is due to the lack of subject knowledge and other reason is that students takes the EmSAT Tests very lightly thinking that formulas are given so we can just substitute the values and get the answers. Let me clear this, without understanding the questions properly you cannot use it.

How do you know that which formula to use? To understand this lets take one example

Consider that you are doing the EmSAT physics test and you got this question “A car is travelling on a straight highway with an initial speed of 4 m/s. Five seconds later, speed of the car reaches to 29 m/s. What is the average acceleration of the car?”

As soon you read the questions write down the given information and also write down the quantity which you suppose to find.

As it is mentioned in the question

Initial speed, V0 = 4 m/s

Final Speed, Vf = 20 m/s

Time, t = 3 seconds

a = ? 

Search for the appropriate formula which has all the quantities mentioned (Note – It is not necessary that each and every formulas will be given)

Simplify the expression by substituting the given data, you will be ending with the answer choice provided.

Be careful, sometimes you need to do the unit conversions based on the given data.

Lack of subject knowledge

The EmSAT is the mandatory test that every student needs to take to peruse their higher education in the UAE, no matter whether you are going to medicine, Engineering, Technical or non-technical course.

As our education system is such that, after grade 10 you can choose the subjects in which you would like to build your career and due to this reason students suffer a lot in technical subjects such as Mathematics and Physics. Competitive examples, like the EmSAT does not care whether students have taken those subjects or not, their main intention is to check students’ subject knowledge and skills.

Good thing is that the concepts tested on the EmSAT Exams are most basics and fundamentals, mostly whatever the students studied till grade 10 and rarely from grade 11 and grade 12. Students appear for the EmSAT Test in grade 12, due to gap of approx. 1-2 years it’s difficult for students to remember. In this case it’s better to take someone’s help who really know the EmSAT subject thoroughly. In fact we, the proper choice training Institute provide step by step guidance subject-wise and help students to achieve their desired score in minimum duration.

At The Proper Choice, we designed our program in such a way that, after successfully completing the course, students will definitely pass the EmSAT exam with greater score.

Our training program goes like this – Assessment test, Training, Computer based MOCK Tests (same as real EmSAT exam) and reviews. For more details visit properchoice.ae

Improper use of calculator

Good thing with the EmSAT Exam is that it allows us to use the calculator, but most of the students do not know how to use it. They purchases costliest scientific and graphing calculators but uses rarely. There are some concepts in mathematics such as complex numbers, Polynomials, Quadratic equations, Cubic equations etc. can be solved simply by using the calculators. Whichever the calculator you have, first learn how to operate and solve equations on it. You can find lots of videos on the internet about how to use the calculator.

At the Proper Choice Training Institute, we provide step by step guidance to solve questions using the calculator so that students can get maximum of it.

Not understanding the importance of the EmSAT Exam

Many students and parents do not know the importance of the EmSAT exam. Due to the lack of proper information, students take EmSAT exams lightly and appear the test unprepared because the school force them to take the test, but the EmSAT is the one of the factor for taking admissions in the UAE’s colleges/universities. The time they realize its importance, it would be late and because of this students waste their important time for at least for 6 months or 12 months as they cannot complete their admissions without the EmSAT Test scores requested by the universities.

To avoid such situations, take the EmSAT Test seriously and try to achieve the score in the first attempt. As soon school coordinator register you for the EmSAT exam (or you can also register yourself). Different universities has difference requirements. Based on the subjects you are planning to study in the universities, approach to the relevant universities and colleges and get appropriate information regarding which EmSAT Tests to be taken apart from the mandatory tests and also ask about the scores they require in each subject. This will certainly help you to understand the importance of EmSAT Exams.

Another thing is that, if get a very high score in the EmSAT Test, you can have a chance to get scholarship.

By considering the importance of the EmSAT Test, we at the Proper Choice Training Institute provide step by step guidance to the students and help them to achieve desired score in respective subjects.

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