Why the EmSAT is Important for Students

Why the EmSAT is Important for Students

The EmSAT is abbreviated as the Emirates Standardized Test introduced by the Ministry of Education (MoE), UAE, in the year 2017. Like the other competitive exams, the EmSAT is a computer-based adaptive test where the difficulty level of the questions is customized to the individual test takers based on their performance. The test assesses students’ subject knowledge and skills in various subjects such as Math, Physics, English, Chemistry, Biology, Arabic, and Computer Science.

The EmSAT test scores are mainly used in the UAE for various purposes. There are three main reasons to take the EmSAT Test.

1. Admissions to the colleges in the UAE

The first reason to take the EmSAT exam is for admission to the UAE’s universities and colleges. As the EmSAT test assesses student’s subject skills and knowledge that students learnt in the schools and that matters most for college and career readiness. Most of the university in the UAE admit students based on their EmSAT score.

 The EmSAT test score provides clear information about a student’s subject knowledge and area of interest which helps the university to decide whether a student can be admitted in particular course or not.

The EmSAT score requirement for the admission purpose varies based on the type of universities the students are applying and the major what they select. If a student enrolling for non-technical courses such as Arts, Business, law, etc., the university asks a minimum score of 600 in the EmSAT math and 1250 in the EmSAT English or 5.5 in IELTS. If a student is enrolling for technical courses such as Engineering, Medical, or Computer courses then the university ask a minimum score of 800 or higher in the EmSAT math and other subjects depending of the major you select.

Furthermore, if a student registering for Engineering courses, he or she must take English language proficiency test either the EmSAT English or IELTS or TOEFL along with the EmSAT Math and EmSAT Physics.

If a student registering for medical courses, he/she must take a language proficiency test, either the EmSAT English or IELTS or TOEFL along with the EmSAT math, EmSAT Chemistry, EmSAT Biology and/or the EmSAT Physics.

It is advised that, before registering for the EmSAT Exams, talk to the university coordinator regarding the EmSAT subjects to be taken and the required scores as some university may not require the score of all the subjects.

Since past 2 years, the Ministry of Education did some modifications with admission process to the university, that is the student can take admission to the universities either through the EmSAT score or the university will conduct their own entrance test through which the students can be admitted.

2. To avail Scholarship

Another important reason taking the EmSAT exam is to get a scholarship.

As the education cost is rising globally, if a student gets a scholarship, it is an additional support to their parents and that is possible by scoring high marks in the EmSAT exams.

If a student score 1500 or above out of 2000 in the EmSAT English, EmSAT Math and EmSAT science subjects, then he/she is eligible to apply for the scholarships.

There are many government agencies and private institutions along with the university provides financial support to the eligible students for the higher education.

So, plan your preparation accordingly to get highest score in the exam.

3. To get government Jobs and/or government sponsorship for study abroad

This facility is mainly applicable to the Emirati students. If a person wants to get a government related jobs or get a better position in the existing jobs, you will be asked EmSAT scores in English and other subjects.

If a student wants to go abroad for pursuing higher education, then UAE government can provide a sponsonship based on their EmSAT scores.

Along with the three main reasons listed above, the EmSAT scores are also used for various purposes such as exempting foundation course from the university.

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