Top Strategies to Improve EmSAT Math Scores

Strategies to Improve EmSAT Math Scores

The EmSAT Achieve math test is a computer adaptive, where questions are customized to individual test takers based on student performance.
Improving your EmSAT Math score requires a combination of effective strategies and regular practice. Here are some top strategies to help you improve Your EmSAT math score.

1. Understand the EmSAT Math test format

EmSAT Math test is a skill-based test, it assesses subject knowledge gained throughout the schooling, specially from grade 9 to grade 12. The EmSAT Test focusses mainly on three areas which are Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics.

Familiarize yourself with the test structure and course content provided by the ministry of education. Click on the link below to access the EmSAT Achieve test syllabus.

As there are no standard test books provided by the ministry, collect the resources yourself as per the syllabus provided. You can collect it from online or you can follow your school text books and also you can take help from your friends or brother/sister who has already taken the EmSAT Achieve math test.

2. Focus on understanding the concepts and learn necessary formulas

As the EmSAT Math test is a computerized test, it does not look at the steps how you solve or what formulas you use, rather it provides scores based on which choice you select from the given options and based on your selection, next question is appeared. The questions in the EmSAT math test are mainly concept based which assesses your subject knowledge and skills, to answer such questions, you should be very strong conceptually.
The EmSAT Math test does not include all necessary formulas, it just provides some basic formulas algebra, geometry and statistics. To ace the test you need to learn many other formulas specially from Trigonometry, Limits, Differentiation, Integration, and probabilities etc,. includes some of the formulas of Algebra, Geometry and Statistics.

3. Practice Regularly and analyze your mistakes

Dedicate consistent time to practice EmSAT math test. Review the test and Identify type of questions or concepts you struggle the most. Make a list of those questions and concepts and find necessary resources or explanations to strengthen your understanding.

Follow the link below to practice the EmSAT Achieve math test.

As there is no specific limitation about the test syllabus, but practicing the questions from the link above will definitely give an idea about the type of questions asked in real EmSAT math test so that you can start your preparation accordingly.

4. Time Management

EmSAT Math test consist of 50 questions and allocated time is 120 Minutes. You need to learn time management skills and techniques to fit in the specified time limit, as per the test standards, you can spend on an average 2 minutes and 40 seconds per question. To manage time in the actual exam, practice maintaining steady pace throughout the practice test and avoid getting stuck on difficult questions for too long, as it may eat up your valuable time.

Time management skills and technics can be developed through consistent practice.

5. Understand the Answer Choice

The EmSAT Math test often includes answer choices that are consciously and intentionally designed to deceive you. Learn to identify common traps. Some time you need to work backward from the answer choices to find the correct solution. If you get a situation where you don’t understand the question, try to read the question carefully and look at to the options, by using your general subject know you may able to eliminate some of the options from the given choice and choose any one from the remining options. With this approach you can increase a chance of getting that question to be correct.

6. Seek additional help if needed

As Ministry of education only provided the test syllabus but not the resources required to study. In this case, you can take help from your friends, your seniors or your teachers to collect the relevant resources. You can also take help from test preparation institutions as they can provide you the course material as per the test requirement.

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