EmSAT Physics test practice with answer keys 2023

EmSAT Physics test practice with answer keys

Last updated on May 14th, 2023 at 09:03 pm

In this blog post, we are providing 10 EmSAT physics practice tests with answers key.

1.  A woman riding bicycle collides head-on with parked school bus. If mass of the woman is one tenth the mass of the school bus. Which object feels greater acceleration.

  • A. Woman
  • B. School bus
  • C. Both feels equal acceleration
  • D. None

2. A can of paint with a mass of 10 kg hangs from a rope. If can is to be pulled up to the rooftop with an acceleration of 1.8 m/s2, what must be the tension in the rope? (Use g = 10 m/s2)

  • A. 100 N
  • B. 118 N
  • C. 18 N
  • D. 1080 N

3. A crate of mass 100 kg rests on the floor. If the coefficient of static friction is 0.3. If a force of 200 N (parallel to the floor) is applied to the crate. What is the magnitude of the force of static friction on the crate?

  • A. 294 N
  • B. 250 N
  • C. 210 N
  • D. 200 N

4. The potential energy stored in an object due to change in tits shape is called

  • A. Gravitational Potential Energy
  • B. Potential Energy
  • C. Elastic Potential Energy
  • D. Kinetic Energy

5. The amount of heat needed to melt 1 kg of substance is called

  • A. Latent heat of vaporization
  • B. Latent heat of fusion
  • C. Latent heat
  • D. Melting point

6. A gas tank contains 200L of hydrogen 273K and 1M pa. What will be the new pressure if temperature was raised to 373K and volume was reduced to 100L?

  • A. 2.73 M Pa
  • B. 2.73 K Pa
  • C. 0.273 G Pa
  • D. 273 G Pa

7. A standing wave produce in a rope that has a frequency of 6 Hz and wave speed of 15 m/s, what is the wavelength?

  • A. 1.5 m
  • B. 2.5 m
  • C. 3 m
  • D. 3.5 m

8. If the distance between two-point charges double, the electrostatic force between them will be

  • A. Doubles
  • B. Increases by two times  
  • C. does not change
  • D. decreases by four times

9. The unit of measuring capacitance is

  • A. Volt
  • B. Ampere
  • C. Farad
  • D. Coulomb

10. An electric heater with resistance of 10 ohm works on potential difference equal to 120 V. The amount of thermal energy produced in 10 seconds is

  • A. 120 J
  • B. 1200 J
  • C. 14400 J
  • D. 24000 J

Answer Keys

  1. A
  2. B
  3. D
  4. C
  5. B
  6. A
  7. B
  8. D
  9. C
  10. C

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