“ Proper Choice Training Institute provides top notch teaching and training for GRE. The tutors are experienced, caring and committed to helping you achieve success. They provide more than sufficient resources to supplement your learning in a comfortable environment ”
“ Trainers at proper choice are highly experienced. They taught me many new and effective ways to solve both Math and English problems. Their ideas and concepts not only helped me in SAT but also in my school studies. Because of them, I am getting highest marks in school 
“ Trainers at Proper Choice are amazing. They explain every concept in very simple way so that it get fixed in your mind. I learnt really valuable techniques to solve both Verbal and Quant 
Dhruv Nair – GRE
Before joining at Proper Choice, I was very weak in Math. Mr. Srikant helped me a lot and introduced with new and simple techniques to solve any math questions in limited time. I also really improved in English 
Thumbs up to both Trainers 
Mazin Bashier – SAT      
“ I have been trained for SAT at Proper Choice, trainers are not only friendly but also extremely well qualified and helpful. They taught me how to analyze and solve questions in limited time 
Antonio Brignoni – SAT