SAT Online Course

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  • Online Classes ( Zoom Software )
  • 40 hrs Training
  • Flexible Timing
  • Time Managing strategies



The Scholastic Aptitude or Assessment Test, universally known as the SAT has remarkably been in use for virtually a century now! It’s a fundamental exam that assesses students’ skills and knowledge on the rudiments of English and Math taught during the course of their high schooling years. In conjunction with the ACT exam, SAT is tantamount to undergraduate program admissions into reputed colleges and universities.

SAT Private Training Course Plan

  • 40 hrs Training ( 20 hrs Verbal + 20 hrs Quant)
  • 5 Online ( Computer-based ) MOCK Tests and their reviews
  • Unlimited paper based practice tests to make conceptually strong
  • Time Managing strategies, Tips/Tricks to Improve score
  • Unlimited doubt clearing sessions
  • Duration : Customized Schedule as per the convenience of student
  • Days : Any day, as per availability of student and faculty


Verbal Section: subdivided in to a Reading Test and a Writing & Language Test.

Reading Test: – Assesses students’ Comprehension, Vocabulary and Reasoning skills. This
section includes several reading passages on a range of topics such as Arts, Literature, History,
Science, etc.
Writing & Language Test :- Assesses students’ revising and editing skills. It includes short
passages with MCQs on identifying errors and improving English grammar and its usage.
Quantitative Mathematics :- Comprises of questions on basic Arithmetic Operations, Algebra,
Geometry, Statistics and Probability. This section tests the students’ ability to solve logical
reasoning Mathematics questions and expects them to have a good grasp of the basics of
All questions in both Verbal & Mathematics are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). The Verbal
and Mathematics sections are scored separately in a range of 200-800 and combined scores of
the two sections range from 400 – 1600.
Essay section :- (Optional): The purpose of an essay is to assess the student’s ability to
analyze an author’s argument.
You’ll receive three scores for the SAT Essay ranging from 2–8 points.